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2021 HD Online Player (Bin Roye (Pakistani) Full Hindi Movi)

HD Online Player (Bin Roye (Pakistani) Full Hindi Movi)

HD Online Player (Bin Roye (Pakistani) Full Hindi Movi)

The film revolves around a young woman called Mahira (played by Humayun Saeed) who lives in a small town in the countryside with her father (played by Imran Abbas). He owns a computer software company and as he is a highly skilled worker, he is unable to find a job in the urban centers, where most of the jobs are held by foreigners. Mahira wants to move to the big cities, to experience the culture and to work in the high-skilled industry. However, her father forbids her from leaving their small town and says that they have to save money so that they can move to a bigger city in a few years' time. Mahira then falls in love with a man from the city, Yawar (played by Mahira Inayat Hussain), who is the exact opposite of her father: Yawar is happy to return to the big city, is highly skilled and wants to find a job in an office. Mahira's father is very skeptical about Yawar's intentions towards his daughter, but eventually he gives in. He loves his daughter and does not want to lose her, so he agrees to let her move to the city and to live with Yawar. However, Yawar is in love with his wife, Zahra (played by Aamina Sheikh), and wants to ask for her hand in marriage. Yawar's wife is not happy with this situation. She wants Yawar to stay with her and wants to continue living in the city with the two of them. Yawar wants to do what is best for Mahira, because he loves her, and also because he loves her father, and thus says he will stay with Zahra and will tell Mahira to do the same. Mahira is in love with Yawar, but also cares about her family. She wants to pursue her own dreams, and not to make her father's dreams come true. While Mahira and Yawar have a good relationship, their parents are not happy about the situation. Mahira's mother thinks that Yawar will not be able to provide for Mahira's future. Yawar's father feels that Mahira's love for Yawar is not sincere, and that she just wants to leave the town. Both parents are concerned for Mahira's safety in the city, but Yawar feels that Mahira is strong enough to take care of herself, and that he will send her money regularly. Eventually Mahira meets with an accident and is taken to the hospital

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2021 HD Online Player (Bin Roye (Pakistani) Full Hindi Movi)

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