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When Life's Lemons Roll...

To say this week has been interesting would be an understatement. A good week by all accounts, but tiresome, exhausting, and busy. We had moved into our current house during the middle of last year, and had been trying to offload the previous house; however, certain "must do now" priorities kept selling that fixer-upper on the back burner until just this last month. This week, we managed to close with a buyer, move what furniture remained there to here, and perform a pretty extensive downsizing of a lot of our "extras". The only sucky part about some of the things we ended up throwing out was there were a few broken things I had intended to repair that had memories attached that we decided just wasn't worth keeping, even if I did fix them; so it was a tad bitter sweet removing them entirely, but ultimately good overall.

Add to that I've been struggling and learning alongside one of my contractors on how to do our mutual tax documents so that neither of us end up in hot water with the IRS come next spring. This task being due to the fact that the contract with her closed out and we are very happy with the results! (soon enough, we will be making more announcements featuring the contents of said contract!) Along those same lines, another contract is excitably close to completion as well, which we're also excited for!

But of course, the week wasn't done giving us stressors (good ones though most would be): Saturday night I ended up checking myself into the ER with one of life's more unpleasant surprises: appendicitis. In complete honesty, the timing could not have been much better: Like I said, a very busy week getting rid of the old house and finalizing furniture had come to a close, my day-job had called me in offering extra hours, and my bosses are looking to cross-train me into a higher position, which now I have the perfect excuse to switch gears from my normal duties to learning the new ones on an accelerated track.

Furthermore, with medical time off and a fairly light schedule overall, I can focus on other things this week. Such as, performing another store expansion (to be announced later), either with additional items for our current collections or adding new collections entirely. I happily have a back-log of art assets from our little artists to comb through and find even more gems to turn into products they can show off and be proud of!

Another thing that has been missing the love during the past busy weeks has been work on the tele-marmot-er video game we will be publishing sometime winter '21-'22 (exact dates TBD). A lot of details are still being worked out, namely in how a small independent developer can also independently publish, but fortunately there is a plethora of options available. As we figure this out, you all will be the second to know (because we'll be the first)!

So yes, between the stress of finalizing an overly-drawn-out move, learning new things about tax documentation, and balancing work/life/projects, with a doozy of a medical emergency on top of all, there is some sweet, delicious lemonade to be had with all this as more-fun things get to return to the focus, as well as positive changes on the horizon! Can't wait to share more updates as they come!