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Project Milestone

Is it time to start posting about this here?


I suppose yes! I have been working on a relatively ambitious project since early August of 2020 (yes, in addition to working with my family to establish what Rolly Dino Studios would be and what we'd do). Specifically, I have been working on a solo-indie-dev (single-person independent developer) video game project. On other platforms, I have affectionately referred to it as #ProjectSourGrapes. Last night I completed another of my many planned-milestones in creating this game, which now puts it at version 0.3.7. This means that for the text-based edition of the game (its current form), there are only two milestones remaining before it is declared functionally complete. From there I'll move on to the next phase, which is to transition from a merely text-on-screen prototype to actually having there be some kind of graphics to put the "video" in "video game.

As development continues and I get closer to releasing this game, I anticipate releasing even more update posts like this. Specifically, once I'm actually able to show screenshots of the gameplay itself, I will aim to post at least one every calendar month in addition to any further milestones set and passed.

The big one, however, will be the announcement of the game's market-name as well as some merch from Printful that I am excited to release as well.

For now, enjoy this teaser of the game's icon/logo, courtesy of @SpaceKraken (of and, and keep an eye out for more project updates for Project Sour Grapes!

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