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New Projects Announcement

Today's blog post is going up a few hours late, but in the grand scheme of missed weeks, I'm okay with that: practice makes perfect, after all!

Today we're announcing that we're internally fielding new product lines that are a little less random-art and more deliberately in-line with our intended mission, namely to use God-given creativity to benefit others and glorify Him.

There's enough going on today in the worlds of politics and social justice where someone ascribes a definitive and absolute meaning to something that is vague, purposely or otherwise, that it is time for us and our business to throw off whatever pretense may have been holding us back: everything is what it is, no hidden meanings to it (meaning that if someone, particularly social justice warriors, finds a hidden meaning with one of our products, they are applying significance where it doesn't exist, creating not only the mountain what the mole-hill is made into, but the mole-hill itself as well). The cute mermaid and scribbled unicorn are just kids art, nothing more; quotes and graphics with a Christ-centered message mean nothing other than what they mean.

Specific products and projects will be announced in further detail as they evolve, but for now know that we are evolving our project-process to be more organized and deliberate; the planning and tracking processes learned thus far from the Tele-Marmot-er videogame project are being adapted and applied to our other areas as well. It may seem like a common-sense thing we should have done from the outset, largely because it is, however we are just a family learning what running a business out of our living room computers looks like, so we ask that you kindly bear with our learning curve.

In the mean time, we hope you have a wonderful week, and God Bless!

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