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New Products!

This week, we're announcing two new products! A pair of mugs with original faith-based messages, and in the coming weeks we will be adding additional products with the same messages on them as well.

Both of these items were inspired by my personal study as my family as a whole makes God a larger priority in our lives, coupled with the encouragement from my lovely wife that if God is to be the focus of our business, then while we use the creativity we've been given it would be good to also produce things that help point people to Him.

The heat-change mug takes the passage of Romans 7:13 and creates an analogy between coffee and God's law.

The glossy-white mug with cursive font is actually taken directly from my own journal, in an entry regarding keeping my priorities straight and my grip loose on things that, ultimately, may not actually matter much once I leave this earth (hopefully not for a long time, that).

While I do apologize for this blog post being a full day late, I hope you enjoy these new products!

God bless!

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