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Blogging Schedule and Update

So, life has been chaotic, to put it mildly. Then again, isn't that the nature of living on the spinning blue ball? Chaos and order, swirling in a hurricane of change.

My loose intention to post blog updates weekly has, needless to say, not been happening over the last month. Life emergencies, day-jobs, minor disasters, and small joys have added up to make me too busy to keep up with the blog. However, we'll be making harder deadlines on our end so that whether it is I or someone else in the family, we make blog posts every week, targeting Wednesday morning (for now) as the publish-time. Additionally, we're making it a hard deadline to update store inventory listings (out-of-stocks, new items, etc.) by Monday mornings every week - which means, all future new-items will be announced either the Wednesday before going live, or Sunday night/Monday morning with a special-announcement bonus blog post!

That said, our eldest creator has been working on a new project that I will be announcing the details of in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

On the topic of future-plans, one of our low-priority goals is to add additional means of people making purchases besides exclusively paypal.

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