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A Tele-Marmot-er Update!

Well, another threshold has been passed, and like so many thresholds before it, this one arrived before I was ready for it. (Kids growing up has the same effect, but is a much bigger deal than this!)

The final artist commission has closed, meaning that barring unforeseen tweaks that can only come from testing, the art-assets of the game are now 100%! That means that this week, the focus of development has been to start the process of integrating the image-files into the graphics engine and getting everything lined up to where it's supposed to be; by now, everything is at least "close" to where it will be in the final game, with a couple of screen-grabs to show things off!

I really appreciate the three artists I've worked with in creating the images for this game:

(all links are to Parler, but they also each have accounts if you prefer)

This inset shows the game-logo displaying on the taskbar during a test-run (lower right) with a large-scale render in the background.

It's possible I could have done this without them, but not nearly with the speed, quality, or enthusiasm that they have! They've each been amazing, and encouraging to work with!

Next steps for the project are to finish the text-based edition of the game, which will include all of the game-logic, dialogue, etc. Once that is complete, it will be a relatively simple matter to begin integrating that into the engine. As it stands, the graphical-edition of the game is little more than a very complex slide-show as all the preliminary alignments are tested and rough-fitted. Each of these key landmarks, along with any others deemed significant, and the beta-testing launch, will be announced as those items and dates draw nearer.

Until then, thanks for checking in on our little slice of controlled-chaos!